The family story

Organic cultivation of pot-herbs and herbs, hand-dried, mixed for fragrant and healthy herbal teas. Production of saffron and extra virgin olive oil.

One forget the past and puts the pictures in the photo album of memories. One goes away but always returns. Unable to dismiss his roots, he picks up a handful of his native earth, feels it and decides to return and take care of the land he grew up on, to do something different than his parents. This is the story of Federigo Leopardo, who renewed his family’s fields and home, his dream was to grow aromatic and medicinal herbs. And now the dream has taken shape.

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Le "balze" of Valdarno

During the pliocene and pleistocene age
Millions of years ago, the Valdarno was a great lake. Over the millennia, the water retreated and the remaining sediments were altered by weathering. The long work of erosion leaves us the Balze del Valdarno as we know them now. From the end of the last century they were declared a Protected Area.

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Types of Herbs

“I selected the herbs and planted them, then I restored the old stable where my father kept horses and calves which I transformed into our laboratories for drying, transforming and packing the herbs. Obviously I had to study the various plants and traditions of this area, where the use of medicinal herbs is popular, even today. Love of the land was not enough, we had to take into consideration the safety of the consumer.”